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6 Steps to Successfully Sell Your Business

Compass Business Sales and Acquisitions

1. Expectations

After all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into your business, sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself to be able to accurately evaluate the true value of your business. We will provide a broker’s Opinion of Value based on industry comparable information, current market multiples, and buyer expectations of ROI and terms.

2. Data

We do all the fact finding to get your best price: inventory, lease terms, and financials. Then we put it together for buyers in a confidential marketing package.

3. Marketing

We realize the importance of discretion and confidentiality. ALL of your potential buyers sign NDA’s. We work our database, co-brokers, web and print to find qualified prospects.

4. Qualifying

All potential buyers complete a registration form, pass financial and credit screens, and are further qualified in introductions to you.

5. Negotiations

When it comes to prices and paperwork we facilitate the meetings, deliver the offers, craft your responses and requests and clarify contract terms.

6. Closing

A successful business transfer often involves attorneys, accountants, escrow agents and plenty of due diligence. We communicate all the way through, facilitating the countless details until you are closed.