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CPACE – The Financial Game Changer

Become a game changer with Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (CPACE) at 350 Deschutes’ Go Clean Energy Conference on Thursday, October 6. Don’t miss this valuable event sponsored by Compass Commercial, COAR and dozens of other businesses committed to a clean energy future. Attend the CPACE conference panels to receive Continuing Education Credits courtesy of COAR. Learn from financial experts on how to access low-cost, long-term funding for clean energy projects that improve property values and net operating income. See how commercial brokers, property owners and developers across the country have financed 100% of hard and soft costs for water conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, EV charging and energy storage projects.

CPACE is a financing structure where commercial property owners and developers finance projects that save or generate energy while reducing operating costs and emissions. CPACE financing is provided by private lenders and secured via a voluntary assessment on the property. Private market capital providers can enter into agreements with property owners who want to make efficiency and resiliency improvements. This partnership has been utilized for decades to finance enhancements with a public benefit.

CPACE Benefits

  • Allows commercial property owners to fund projects with no out-of-pocket costs.
  • Financing terms can extend up to 30 years, making it feasible to undertake comprehensive improvements.
  • Can be used to fill mezzanine debt.
  • Immediate positive cash flow for property owners as annual CPACE energy savings almost always exceeds the annual CPACE payment.
  • Can be combined with utility, local and federal incentive programs.
  • Improves energy savings, public health, resiliency, and the bottom line.
  • Stimulates sustainable economic development that lowers the cost of doing business

While property owners enjoy decreased operating costs and higher asset values, there are a multitude of benefits for tenants who work or live in efficient and healthy buildings. Both the savings and costs for CPACE improvements can be shared with tenants. Typically, this will reduce the utility costs for tenants under a triple net lease. Additionally, tenants experience a higher quality of life, higher productivity and fewer sick days.

CPACE will be available to Deschutes County developers and commercial and multi-family property owners in early August. The financing is available to every commercial sector, including multi-family (5+ units), and can be used for new and existing buildings.

Attend the Go Clean Energy Conference to see how your business and clients can take advantage of this game-changing financing opportunity. You’ll find everything you need to know at the Go Clean Energy Conference. Register before September 1st to get the $29.00 early bird rate.