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Fire season is in full effect in Central Oregon

The Two Bulls Fire taken June 7, 2014
The Two Bulls Fire taken June 7, 2014

The Oregon Department of Forestry has enforced fire-prevention restrictions in 12 Oregon counties including Deschutes County.

Last month’s fire near Shevlin Park served as an early reminder of the realities of living in Central Oregon during wildfire season. Last year at this time, the Two Bulls Fire set the Bend skyline ablaze at the start of the summer and the summer of 2013, a bird or a squirrel (the carcass charred beyond recognition) became an accidental arsonist and suffered the consequences after landing on electrical wire just above the Deschutes River in southwest Bend.

Thankfully, a helicopter pilot in training made a fluke discovery that led to an aggressive effort by Bend fire crews who were able to stomp out flames before morning struck, preventing what could have been a disastrous blow to southwest Bend.

2013 fire in SW Bend above the gorge
2013 fire in SW Bend above the gorge

This year to date, Central Oregon has suffered 10 lightning caused wildfires and 24 human caused wildfires.

What can you do to help mitigate risk during fire season? Here are a few helpful resources to get you started:

ODF’s interactive map of fire prevention restrictions

National Fire Protection Association


Firewise Communities

Project Wildfire