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Lone Pine Coffee Roasters’ Journey

If you’ve ventured down Tin Pan Alley in downtown Bend, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Lone Pine Coffee Roasters. Perhaps you were drawn in by the smell of roasting coffee beans or the sweet scent of their freshly made waffles. Lone Pine has developed a sort of cult-following since its opening in 2009 by Owner Scott Witham, and customers continue to follow him to Lone Pine’s new location at 910 NW Harriman Street.

With his company’s growth over the years, Scott decided it was time to relocate his business. While searching for the perfect spot, the coffee connoisseur stumbled upon a potential location that led him to Russell Huntamer with Compass Commercial Real Estate Services. Russell evaluated Scott’s needs and searched to find an ideal location for Lone Pine, which ended up being the old Boomtown Building on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and Harriman Street.

According to Scott, “Russell took the time to find us a location that fit our needs. He and the construction team listened to what we needed and helped us create our ideal space.”

Compass Commercial Construction Services was tasked with converting this wide-open retail building into two suites: Unofficial Logging Co. on the north end and Lone Pine Coffee Roasters on the south end. Construction began and as our team worked hard to improve the space, Scott’s lease in Tin Pan Alley came to an end. However, Scott was determined to continue roasting and selling his coffee while his space was being built out. Subsequently, our Construction Services team worked with the City of Bend to obtain the proper permits and proceed to build out the space around Scott’s roasting operation so Lone Pine could stay in business during the transition.

The new space was tailored to Scott’s vision. Our Construction Services crew oversaw various craftsmen and tradesmen to build out this extremely customized space. The finished space maintains its historic atmosphere with its wood overhead beams while adding a touch of sophisticated, modern finishes. A glass rollup door was added to bring in more natural light and provide indoor/outdoor space during the warmer months.

“Bringing the iconic Boomtown Building into its current condition has been a very exciting team effort with the landlord, Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, Unofficial Logging Co. and Compass Construction,” Russell stated. “We are all looking forward to enjoying the incredible new aesthetics of the building and frequenting both tenants’ businesses for many years to come.”

With this move, Lone Pine Coffee Roasters has doubled the size of their café, their business is thriving, and Scott has his sights set on opening his second location on Bend’s east side at East End, which is set to open in late summer 2020.