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Oregon Land Use Board Approves OSU-Cascades Expansion

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals has cleared the way for Oregon State University – Cascades to move forward in construction of the 10-acres campus in Bend, according to the news release issued by OSU-Cascades Today.  The decision makes it possible for OSU-Cascades to welcome students to the region’s long-awaited four-year university campus during the 2016-2017 academic year. Groundbreaking for the new campus has been delayed by more than a year after opponents unsuccessfully filed appeals with the city and then the state land use board. Today’s LUBA decision affirms that both Bend city officials and OSU-Cascades properly followed the land use planning process.

OSU-Cascades – Expansion Plans Continue

Compass Commercial has been contracted with OSU-Cascades to represent the school in fulfilling their real estate needs, but our commitment to support the organization came early in the planning stages with a shared vision for a stronger economy and smart growth in Central Oregon.


Below are some notes to recap Compass Commercial’s support of OSU-Cascades:

  • Compass Commercial  is committed to the smart growth of our community and believes in creating a greater opportunity for education that supports the needs of employers in the region and brings better jobs to Bend.
  • We believe a four-year university will help sustain our economy and contribute to the long-term growth of Central Oregon, allowing for our children to learn, grow and stay in the community.
  • In 2012 Compass Commercial pledged its support of OSU-Cascades’ proposed expansion to become a four-year university.
  • Our commitment in 2012 included a pledge of $25,000 paid in installments over a five year period to support the development of the campus — wherever that campus may be.
  • As supporters of the development of a four-year university, our commitment  includes showing our support as a member of  “Now for Bend”, the current campaign to educate and inform the public about the west side location.

For more information and answers to questions about the various opinions on the development visit OSU-Cascades, Now For Bend  and Truth in Site.