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ULI Report: 2015 Emerging Trends in Real Estate®

The Urban Land Institute released its 2016 Emerging Trends in Real Estate ® Report which is a compilation of survey data and interviews with professionals spanning a wide range of industries relating to real estate including investors, fund managers, developers, property companies, lenders, brokers, advisers, and consultants. In total, “404 interviews were conducted and survey responses were received from 1,465 individuals, whose company affiliations are broken as follows: 

  • Private property owner or developer 34.3%
  • Real estate services firm 26.5%
  • Institutional/equity investor or investment manager 11.5%
  • Bank, lender, or securitized lender 7.4%
  • Real estate brokerage 6.5%
  • Homebuilder or residential land developer 5.5%
  • Equity REIT or publicly listed real estate property company 3.1%
  • Other entity 2.6%
  • Private REIT or nontraded real estate property company 2.1%
  • Mortgage REIT or real estate debt investor 0.4%”

Download the full report HERE.