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Repurposed Blooms Bring Joy to Hospice Patients

Nonprofit Spotlight:

The Bloom Project


How many times have you held an event or attended an event and wondered what will happen to all those beautiful centerpieces? Compass Commercial asked that question following one of our recent company events and we were delighted to find a resource that makes use of those leftover jars of happiness.

The Bloom Project provides fresh floral bouquets to hospice and palliative care patients on a weekly basis. Local businesses, community members and special events can donate leftover flowers and vases for the purpose of spreading joy. Bloom Project volunteers repurpose donated flowers that still have life to give by creating bouquets for delivery to local hospice organizations. Hospice nursing staff, clergy, social workers and other volunteers deliver the bouquets to patients in their home or care facility.

Since 2009, The Bloom Project has donated over 100,000 bouquets to hospice and palliative care patients on a weekly basis with over 33,000 hours of volunteer service within the three communities they serve in Central Oregon, the Portland Metro Area and the Sacramento Placer Region.

The Bloom Project works with businesses and residents within each community to build a plan to fund paid leadership for the organization as well as provide funding for the operational expenses not already covered through generous donation of products and services. The Bloom Project will continue provide this “added value service” of bouquets to hospice partners for years to come as a compliment to the care that they give to each patient and family member throughout the end of life process.

If you would like to learn more about the Bloom Project, please visit