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A winter message from Asset & Property Management

Dear Tenants, Landlords and Vendors,

As you know, we are under severe weather. With the snow piling up and low temperatures, we have emergencies at most of our properties. We assure you, we are getting to them as fast as we can. Our vendors do not have the personnel or the machinery to keep up with a storm like this one, so there will be delays.

Please be safe. Watch out for ice patches, watch out for snow coming off the roofs. Don’t park or walk in areas where you could be placing yourself in danger. With the amount of snow accumulation we are seeing and the cold temperatures, we have probably not faced the worst of this storm as the melting snow and ice will probably cause more problems in the next few days.

Please go home early and work from home if you can. If you have a non-emergency issue please hold off for a few days so we can concentrate on the actual emergencies. And please be patient. We will continue to work with our vendors and staff to resolve all the issues as they come up.

If you are experiencing a property related emergency, please call us at 541-330-0025.

Thank you for your patience and support.

The Property Management Team


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