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The CRE 2015-2016 Top Ten issues Affecting Real Estate

Source: The Counselors of Real Estate®

Demographic Shifts, Excess Capital Supply and Rising Interest Rates Lead the New List of The CRE® 2015-16 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate

Demographic shifts – the impact of retiring Baby Boomers and the rise of the Millennial generation – will likely have the most significant impact on real estate near- and long-term, according to The Counselors of Real Estate®, which recently released its official CRE® 2015-16 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate, a list it compiles annually. Demographic shifts rose to the top of this year’s list because of the sheer numbers of people and transactions involved in the evolving needs of both groups in coming years, and the far-reaching effect these will have on real estate across all sectors®.

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