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4 Tips for Winter Safety

Our property management team maintains properties in Bend, helping with snow and ice removal when winter storms happen. At one such location, Guy Bierbaum, Facilities Technician cleared the icicle he’s seated on, stunned by the massive size of it.

Temperatures are fluctuating in Bend after record-breaking snowfall, causing melting and refreezing. Here are a few ways to stay safe and avoid property damage:

  • Know your surroundings. Be aware of what is on the ground and what is overhead on the building.
  • If possible, avoid icy locations and wear proper footwear for conditions.
  • Avoid parking vehicles close to buildings, especially where icicles or snow could slide off the roof.
  • Walk slowly and carefully, like a penguin, with hands out of pockets, and keep weight centered over feet while taking small steps.

If we manage your commercial building, please let us know about property related emergencies by calling us directly at 541-330-0025. We assure you, we are getting to each building and emergency as fast as we can. Our team of vendors are challenged with the snow build up and working to be proactive with snow melt, so there may be delays. We will continue to work diligently with our vendors and staff to resolve all issues as they come up. Thank you for your patience and support.

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